What to expect with your next appointment

Paperless Clinic
  • INTAKE FORM: I will need you to fill out a new intake form so that I have a digital record of your details and preferences.
  • COVID-19 SCREENING FORM: on the day of your treatment, you will be emailed a new screening form, containing a few quick questions relating to Covid-19 and your potential exposure to it. You will get a new form before EVERY appointment. Please fill it out before you enter the building if you can, it helps me to maintain a safe environment for everyone.
Changes to Clinic Operation
  • CASHLESS CLINIC: I can accept Card, Bank Transfer, Revolut, and online payments (contact to arrange).
  • BE ON TIME: it’s very important that I can finish appointments on time so that I can clean the room properly in preparation for the next client. If you are late, I have zero wiggle room to allow an appointment to run over.
  • WAIT OUTSIDE for me to text you to enter the building. (If arriving on foot, you can use the bench beside the hairdressers.
  • ENTER FROM THE SIDE for the purposes of contact tracing, please enter the building from the side entrance near the hairdressers. This helps you to avoid mixing with gym goers as much as possible, who will be using the main entrance.
  • BATHROOM To assist with contact tracing, please inform me if you have used the bathroom facilities so that I can make a note of it.

PPE & Hygiene

  • MASKS: You will be required to wear a mask for your treatment. If you would like to bring your own mask you are more than welcome, however I will also have disposable masks available in the clinic.
  • HAND HYGIENE: I will have both hand sanitiser and soap available in the clinic.
  • TEMPERATURE CHECKING: For the moment, I will be checking your temperature via non-contact forehead thermometer.
  • MY OWN PREP: I will be wearing a fresh apron and mask for each treatment, along with goggles and/or face shield. Hand hygiene will be administered appropriately and often, and the room will be sanitised between clients. I have completed multiple courses online in preparation for reopening, including a Covid-19 Compliance Officer training course.
Cancellation Policy

Due to reduced working hours and higher costs, I cannot absorb the cost of late cancellations at the moment. Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or I will unfortunately need to charge you for the appointment. I have never enforced this in the past, and I hope to be able to relax the policy again in future, but I hope you can understand that given the current situation it’s not a cost I am in a position to absorb.


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