B.A. (Hons), Lic. Ac., Dip. Ac., C. Ac. (Nanjing), C. QCT, C. Tuina, Dip. Tuina

Aimée studied Acupuncture for three years with the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland, and completed her clinical training at Nanjing University World Health Organization Collaborative (WHO) Centre in China. She went on to augment her studies by undertaking Quantum Coherence Therapy with the Irish Tai Chi Chuan Association and received her Certificate and Diploma in Tui Na Therapy with the Institute of Natural Medicine Ireland.

My interest in Chinese Medicine began around 2005 when I started a course of treatments with an Acupuncturist and was quite surprised and delighted at how quickly and thoroughly my various complaints were resolved. The idea of approaching an illness from a holistic point of view captivated my attention, and the concepts behind the medicine made sense to me in a way I couldn’t ignore. I began my formal studies in 2007, and have been on the Chinese Medicine rollercoaster ever since!

I am committed to broadening my knowledge and honing my skill-set, and will merge the different styles of Acupuncture I have learned with Tui Na and other aspects of Chinese Medicine together to create a unique treatment for each client after assessing their specific condition. Through my own personal practices of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation, I am constantly deepening my understanding of the intricate nature of the medicine, the philosophies behind it, and the ability it has to treat so many ailments on so many levels.


 Aimée is a member of the AFPA (Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association). Treatments carried out in the clinic are recognised by all main health insurance providers.

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